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Wooden Barrels

Granzotto Botti

Only the best of what Mother Nature has to offer.
Our barrels are unequaled in quality, thanks to the the generational experience of our Coopers who have obtained staves of wood from some of the highest quality oak, grown and matured for over a century in the forests of Slavonia. This allows us to give to you only the best of what Mother Nature gives to us. Our Coopers' accurate choice of wood and artisan touch ensure high quality in all casks types: barrique, tonneaux, round casks, oval casks, and conical trunk vats.

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Conical Trunk Vats

Granzotto Botti

We create Conical Trunk Vats from Slavonian Oak and Accessories in Stainless Steel AISI 304-316. These are standard sizes but can be altered upon request.

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Bag in Box/Bag in Wood

Granzotto Botti

Our Bag In Wood, which we have uniquely created, is an elegant alternative to the Bag In Box container. All of these models are completely handmade using solid oak.

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