Round Casks

Granzotto Botti

Our master coopers construct round casks from Slavonian oak and, upon request, can create custom designs, including hand carvings, directly on the barrel head. These casks also come with *304 and *316 stainless steel accessories. We do open-air seasoning naturally, from a minimum period of one year per centimeter of stave thickness. Our measurements are standard but not mandatory and can be altered upon request.


  • 50, 55, 60 mm (19, 21, and 23") Head and stave thickness (we can adjust stave thickness based on desired barrel volume)
  • Stainless steel hoops
  • Flat solid oak stand
  • Essences: Oak, Acacia, Cherry, and Chestnut
  • Different models of wooden and stainless steel doors available
  • Handblown glass barrel filler and a vast array of stainless steel accessories also available upon client request
  • Botti Rotonde
  • Botti Rotonde
  • Botti Rotonde

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