Granzotto Botti

All of our wood species are derived from the region of Slavonia, an area dedicated to the production of staves for cask making. The seasoning is done naturally with full exposure to outdoor elements during all seasons, ranging from a minimum of one year per centimeter of stave thickness. The toasting takes place on a brazier and our degree of toast ranges from light to medium and medium plus, as requested by our client. We also have 400, 700, and 750-Liter capacities available.


  • Capacity: 500-Liter
  • Height: 110 cm (43.3")
  • Bilge Diameter: 100 cm (39.4")
  • Weight: 113 kg (249 lb)
  • Stave thickness: 40mm (1.6")
  • Head Thickness: 40mm (1.6")
  • Essences - Oak, Acacia, Cherry and Chestnut
  • Natural Finish
  • Natural brazier toasting (LIGHT, MEDIUM, MEDIUM PLUS)
  • 8 galvanized hoops
  • Food-grade silicon bung
  • Tonneaux
  • Tonneaux
  • Tonneaux

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